Trending Cornrow Hairstyles for African American People

Rail Lines Cornrow

It’s 2015 and yes, Cornrow Hairstyles are still a very huge trend among African American people. You will find scores of women and men spotting this stylish, flavorful and cool hairstyle walking down the streets. This is mainly because of how easy it is to rock and maintain and also because cornrows come in so many unique and great designs.

Cornrows have been an African cultural tradition for centuries and have slowly grown into African American hair culture and have also become a form of expression for individuals. Cornrows were just another African American hairstyle but became a huge fashion statement and trend when celebrities like Alicia keys and David Beckham spotted them last decade. The hairstyle was a “black thing” but not anymore as recently, we have seen Kylie Jenner and Mylie Cyrus rocking the seriously amazing work of art.

Anyone can get cornrows. It does not matter if you have short hair or long hair. The thickness of African American hair makes it possible for cornrows to hold. Adding on to that, you can get your real, natural hair plaited or you can add braids or extensions for longer lasting cornrows. The texture of the hair allows braids or extensions to be secured safely against the scalp.

Cornrows are a very inventive hairstyle for the African American people as hair stylists can experiment with different designs or even creatively start a new one. The designs may be curvy, circular, straight or slanted, depending on the taste of the individual.

It is also a very versatile hairstyle which can be worn for formal occasions as well as casual ones.  There are different immaculate cornrow designs that can be worn casually but can be switched up into an up do within minutes. For the carefree ones, a variety of colors can be added into the hair for highlighting. This leaves individuals with a variety of designs and colours to choose from.

So, now that we have mentioned all you need to know about cornrows, it is time to find out which are the 10 most famous, trending cornrow hairstyles for African American people.

1: The Zig Zag Cornrow Hairstyles

These can be created with natural hair (stopping at the back hairline or with braids (extending all the way down to the braids). Starting from the hairline, hair or braids flatly adhere in a zigzag pattern to all points of the crown, extending all the way down to the back. This design has been popular since the 90s and it is still very trendy to this day.

2: The Big and Beautiful

These are very thick cornrows that start out small at the hairline and become big and bigger as they extend all the way down to the neck. To create this hairstyle perfectly, braids or extensions should be added in small amounts during the braiding process, making them very wide.

3:  The Wave Cornrow Hairstyles

This elegantly structured design features scalloped waves that are cornrowed right from the hairline all the way through to the back. If you have very long hair or have added braids, you need to braid all the way down to the very end, burning the ends. If you prefer, you can add hair jewelry or ornaments to the braids.

4: The Cornrow Ponytail

Neat cornrows are pulled up into a ponytail. The ponytail can either be high or mid height. You can make the tail as long as you want and you can experiment with two shades that complement each other.

Cornrow Ponytail Hairstyle

Cornrow Ponytail Hairstyle

5: The Circles

This hairstyle has swirled cornrow patterns that have curly-cued circles from the forehead to the crown. The rest of the hair is braided all the way down to the neck, and then to the braids. As with the wave, ornaments or hair jewelry may be added.

The Circles Cornrow

The Circles Cornrow

6: The Tight Rope Cornrow Hairstyle

The tight rope hairstyle protects natural hair by covering it. During braiding, the cornrows are roped within hair braids that are corkscrew-styled. The braids are “roped” all the way down to the end.

7: The Twists

Cornrow twists are created by double twisting the rows. A two-potion interlace is attached to the scalp in a twirled stencil. These twists are done from the forehead down to the neck and for longer hair (or extensions) continue all the way down, leaving the hair or extension hanging. To quickly create an up do, gather the hanging twists together to form a bun or a ponytail.

Twists Cornrow Hairstyle

Twists Cornrow Hairstyle

8: The Asymmetric Curve Cornrow 

This hairstyle is perfect for both casual and formal occasions, though mostly suited for the office. Tracks of asymmetric curves are plaited from the forehead to the temple in this simple yet elegant cornrow hairstyle.

Asymmetric Curve Cornrow Hairstyle

Asymmetric Curve Cornrow Hairstyle

9: The Rail Lines

This cornrow hairstyle is perfect for occasions that require you to dress up. Small cornrows are joined into single rows that are rail-like. These rows start from the forehead to back of the head, along the scalp. Next, the fastened smaller rows are then interlaced into the larger tracks, leading to the formation of a railroad design. To wear this just right, create a bun at mid height and accessorize it with ornaments.

Rail Lines Cornrow

Rail Lines Cornrow

10: The Abstract Art Cornrow Hairstyle

This hairstyle is for those with an artistic mind and do not mind showing it through their hairstyle. Cornrows are creatively designed, interlacing and crossing each other. Many designs can be created as per individual’s request or as far as the stylist’s creative juices can flow.

Abstract Art Cornrow Hairstyle

Abstract Art Cornrow Hairstyle

If you like any of these trending cornrow hairstyle, then go right ahead and try them. Also, do not forget that your cornrows need taking care of.

  • As and when needed, wash and rinse your cornrows through a nylon stocking. You can also use wide-meshed hairnet.
  • Remember that your hair and scalp needs moisture and your cornrows too for shine so do not forget to moisturize with an oil-based moisturizer every once in a while. Make sure to avoid water-based or alcohol-based products as these may damage your hair.
  • If need be, rebraid from the scalp, always making sure to tuck each braided end right under its related cornrow.
  • Lastly, never ever wear the same style always in order prevent traction alopecia which is caused by repetitive pulling and tension from doing the same style.


Here are some gorgeous cornrow hairstyle examples:

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