Short Bob Hairstyles For Black Women 2014 Pictures

Short Bob Hairstyles For Black Women 2014 Pictures 0016

Now you don’t need to look around here and there because here we have some of the eye catching short bob hairstyles for black women 2014 pictures. We are fully aware from the fact that bob hairstyles are named out to be one of the most fashionable and classy looking hairstyles for the women. Now this hairstyle is becoming one of the most favorite ones in the black women as well. Bob hairstyle is all about the hairs falling down between ears and the chin. In the year 1990 this hairstyle was all invented from the famous hair dresser Antonine. But now this hairstyle has become one of the latest trends in 21st century as well. Now there are many versions of the original bob cut as well. But bob hairstyle can just come into view as best looking if it is suitably matching along with your face, color and lifestyles. It can look out perfect for all the age group, hair type, hair length and facial structure.

Short Bob Hairstyles For Black Women 2014 Pictures

Short Bob Hairstyles For Black Women 2014 Pictures 0015

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Latest Trends of Short Bob Hairstyles For Black Women 2014:

1. Inverted Bob Hairstyle:

This hairstyle is known as one of the favorite ones because it allows the women to look stylish and elegant. In this hairstyle you will be finding your hairs as all stacked in the back by adding volume in addition to texture in the crown.

2. Angled Bob Hairstyles:

This hairstyle add up the women with the classiness and flawless image in her personality. You have to make sure that all the hairs are evenly cut at a slight angle by means of hairs slightly longer at the front. It has the best quality that it is easy to wear and maintain.

3. Chin Length Bob Hairstyle:

In this hairstyle you will found the hairs as falling down the chin from both the sides. This will going to prominent the chin length. You can even make the choice of cutting the hairs in a rounded perimeter with hairs falling to the shoulders. You can add them with bangs, side parting, curls, waves and layers.

4. Layered Locks:

If in case you think that your hairs are thin then you can even add layers to the cut. Layered locks are best choice that can be helpful to add volume to the hair cut.
If women have square shape faces then she can try out with the hairstyle in which hairs are falling on both the sides frame the face. This will going to prominent the facial features. For adding the classiness you can even choose up adding the hairs with the highlights as well. Choose the best one right now!

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