5 Natural Hairstyle Ideas for African American Women


Modern, jittery and standard African American hairstyles constantly make attention in a crowd.  Resembling to perfect accomplice, they convey a complete glance together. Whether you favor easy and stylish or textured and strange, modern styles and ideas are sure to obtain notice in the public!

Are you interested to find the top rated hairstyles? People who love to find the best hairstyles for the modern age are suggested to focus on the current trends. The African American hairstyles are being very popular among the women and girls. In United States of America there is a great trend to follow the special hairstyles in order to get attention and recognition. Let’s see top 5 natural hairstyles ideas for African American women.


5. Conservative Mohawk


Girls who want to get a look that can give them a superb style and attention is Conservative Mohawk style. This hairstyle is an amazing opportunity to choose the appropriate lifestyle. Start your day with this classic conservative hairstyle in order to make the real fascination.

How to Style it?

  1. You need a blow to dry the hair but use a thermal protectant before using it.
  2. Start with small sections in a smooth but gentle.
  3. Keep treating the hair with this method.
  4. Don’t use the gel because it is not required.
  5. Try to keep your hair moisturized with the help of a good moisturizer.

4. A Glossy Bob

glossy bob


Would you like to be sexy? This is an amazing hairstyle idea for the girls and women who have a desire to get the attention from all around. There is no need to be worried about this hairstyle because it is easy to use. Let’s see how to make this hairstyle before a party.

How to Style:

  1. Get a towel to dry your hair. You can apply the cream especially the styling creams.
  2. Get a Denman Brush to dry your hair.
  3. The hairs should gather around the neck in shape of an iron.
  4. Work on small sections in order to cover all the hair easily.
  5. Girls can use the moisturizers.


3. Give Me Volume

volume hairstyle

Women who have a thick bunch of hair can choose it. It is very simple to get prepared for the night parties and functions with this hairstyle.

How to make it?

  1. Wash and dry your hair with towel.
  2. Apply the styling cream to bring some firmness.
  3. Make a tomb like structure and leave rest of the hair around your neck.


2. Golden highlights

golden hair

This hairstyle is very popular among the African American women. This style is recommended for casual parties and routines.

How to make it?

  1. Bring a good golden hair color.
  2. Dye the hair carefully.
  3. Leave hair tips black to make a good contrast.


1. Funky Curls


This hairstyle is being popular because of funky look. It is best for the freestyle women

How to make it?

  1. Use gel for hair firmness.
  2. Make spikes of hair.
  3. Use bands to keep hair in a position.

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