How To Take Care Of Curly Hair Before and After Hair Wash

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Curly hair is considered as the most complicated hair type that needs a lot of time and care to manage. Split ends, dryness, breakage and frizzed are some of the common problems of curly hair. It is the reason, flatirons is used to make them straight. Curly hair looks awesome and can be well-maintained by following tips how to take care of curly hair:

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Right Products for Curly-Haired Girls

Instead of shampooing your hair on daily basis, curly-haired girls need to use conditioner to avoid frizzed and split ends. Whenever you wash hair, try to use heavy conditioner. On weekly basis, deep conditioner treatment is best to get rid of dryness and breakage problems. Moreover, creamy shampoo give better results than clarifying shampoos.

After hair wash, apply alcohol free gel and smoothing cream to coat the split ends. Moisture persists in cuticles and gives healthy and shiny effect to hair. If you have styling cream, apply in wet hair to enhance the curly appearance. To solve out hair frizz issue, use warm up style serum over dry ends.

Oil Treatment before Hair Wash

To manage well-defined hair curls, purchase products that are not oil based. Oiling is good for hair twice a week. Enjoy hair oil massage for half an hour before taking bath. Hot oil massage by using almond oil, castor oil and olive oil on scalp once a week will give amazing result that you never ever dream.

Avoid Blow Dryer

To work against hair frizz, do not try to use blow dryer. When heat is given to curly hair, it adds dryness, hair breakage and many other problems. Try to dry hair in natural way and finger comb in wet hair to maintain moisture. In case, blow dryer is essential to use, hold the diffuser and dry your curly hair by squeezing and cupping in palm.

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Do Not Play With Curls

The more you use blow dryer or scrunch hair, the more frizz hair problem will disturb you. Give style just by twirl curls round your fingers. Detangle hair curls in half wet or wet form with wide tooth comb. Detangling dry hair with narrow toothed comb will cause hair breakage, frizz and dryness.


Wash With Cold Water

Another tip that how to take care of curly hair is: do not use warm water as it eliminates shine and moisture from hair. If weather is cold, try to use Luke-warm water to preserve natural oil in hair. Avoid rough combing and flat ironing after washing hair with cold water. If you need to use styling heat equipment, always use thermal protectant to avoid damaging effects.

Get New Hair Cut

If your curls are not in proper shape, it is better to cut your hair or trim the hair ends. It is often noticed that hair cut gives flattering pattern to frizzy hair.

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Tip for how to take care of curly hair such as deep conditioning, cream shampoo, cold water, wide toothed comb and natural hair dry are easy to follow. Working women do not get time early in the morning for natural dry, so it is better to take shower at night.

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