Facial Shape vs Hairstyle – What Hairstyle Will Suit to Your Facial Shape?

Whether round, oval or oblong the challenge and desire is to match your facial shape with the most complimentary hairstyle. The first step in choosing a style that best heightens your facial appearance is to measure your face with a tape measure or ruler. Write down the distance between the top of your cheekbones; across the widest part of your jaw line; along the width at your mid-forehead; and from mid-forehead to the bottom of your chin. Or on a mirror, draw an outline of your face with lipstick or a whiteboard marker and measure the drawing. While most importantly looking into facial shape, also consider your best facial features. You may want to emphasize captivating eyes, enticing lips or an admirable eyebrow line. After determining your facial measurements, you’ll want to determine which facial shape these dimensions determine. You can identify which shape matches your measurements by comparing your dimensions with shape descriptions and gaining insight through image comparisons.

The facial length on an oval face is one and one half (1 ½) times the width between cheekbones. If your facial measurements are pretty much in this dimension, or your facial outline looks balanced in this proportion, your face is oval. As shown in the above images, symmetrical dimensions of oval faces allow almost any hairstyle. With long, short, bobbed, or layered hairstyles, your face will look its best. You may therefore wish to concentrate on accentuating your best features, such as heightening the allure of your eyes with blunt or short, wispy bangs.

Heart Shaped

Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces-Black Duo
Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Face-Black Trio

Heart shaped faces are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, with more slender jaw lines and relatively broader foreheads and cheeks. The purpose of a hairstyle for heart shaped faces is to diminish the apparent width of the forehead while bringing more width to the lower portions of the face. Waves and curls beautifully compliment a heart shaped face in long or medium lengths, bringing width to the slight dimensions of the jaw line and diverting the eyes to the ambiance of facial height. A bob that ends just below the chin also compliments a heart shaped face. In short or long styles, angled bangs that slim the forehead and wispy waves that encircle the face with a rounded appearance are additional looks that enhance this delicate facial build.



Hairstyles for Long Faces-Black Duo
Hairstyles for Long Faces-Black Trio

Oblong faces are distinctively longer than they are wide. Bangs are an outstanding manner of diminishing the apparent length of an oblong face. Camouflage vertical facial aspects by placing the most ample width of a hairstyle at the middle of facial length. Hairstyles with layers that end at a third of the facial length near the cheekbones balance oblong facial shapes. Long curls that fall below the chin also compliment an oblong face, in that they soften the vertical appearance. Because they accentuate facial height, the least appealing hairstyles for long facial dimensions are bob haircuts.



Hairstyles for Round Faces-Black Duo
Hairstyles for Round Faces-Black Trio

A round face is more or less equal in length and width. The fullness of round facial contours is focused at, and just below, the cheeks. Wide hairlines and more obscure chins usually accompany these facial curves. Layered bangs, rather than those which are straight or heavy, best accentuate a circular facial shape. Ideal looks are long bobs that curve in a frame below the chin and shag layers that slim the face and neck. Other preferred looks are short styles that add height, and lengths that add vertical dimension. Curls around the crown and away from the cheeks provide a further desirable option.



Hairstyles for Square Faces-Duo
Hairstyles for Square Faces-Trio

On a square face the forehead, jaw line and cheekbones are generally the same width. If you have a more square shaped face, try wearing wispy, layered hair that falls onto your face to soften your look. Side-swept bangs angle to downplay the squareness of facial contours. Angling the hairline on both sides also softens the face by decreasing forehead width. Wear hair short or long, including long bobs that curve at least four inches below the chin. Short hair brings the eye upward away from a jaw line. Long hair that curves into the jaw line and along the neck obscures and slims the jaw area. Avoid blunt bobs, horizontally cut bangs and styles that end precisely at the jaw.



Hairstyles for Triangular Faces-Black Duo
Hairstyles for Triangular Faces-Black Trio

Central to hairstyle is shape and geometry. The mathematical proportions of your face determine the scale and scope of your hairstyle. Balance is the objective in matching your face with a complimentary hair design. We strive to bring architectural harmony to dimensions that are out of facial balance. To this end, disproportionate facial length is shortened, while greater facial width is lengthened. Facial shape being a fundamental consideration in style, therefore determines even the extent to which a hair design emphasizes your facial features. The wrong emphasis on facial contour overcasts eyes, lips and skin tone.

Your hairstyle is the frame. Your face is the picture. You want a frame that best accentuates aspects, shapes and contours of your facial picture. Here we have looked at general facial shape guidelines. For specific insight into your facial shape, hairstyles that best compliment your look, and styles that work well with your hair genre, consult an expert hairstylist. Enhance the liveliness and vivacity of your look with keen consideration to facial form. Happy styling!