5 Short Hairstyles For African American Women To Get Saucy Appearance


Due to thick hair and specific texture, African American women feel it difficult to manage their long hair. It needs lot of time and efforts to entwine the perm out hair therefore short hair are considered best to get attractive and easy to maintain style. Here are 5 short hairstyles for African American women that will enhance your impressive personality: […]

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African American Hair; Chemically Straightening or Natural?

Natural African American Hair

Mоѕt women don’t knоw whаt thеіr natural hair lооkѕ like. African American hair іѕ mоѕtlу straightened uѕіng flat-irons оr thrоugh а chemical process knоwn аѕ relaxing. Relaxing іѕ а chemical process whеrе thе basic structure оf overly curly оr wavy hair іѕ changed іntо а straight form. Thе reverse process tо add curls аnd waves іѕ knоwn аѕ perming. Thе […]

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5 Natural Hairstyle Ideas for African American Women


Modern, jittery and standard African American hairstyles constantly make attention in a crowd.  Resembling to perfect accomplice, they convey a complete glance together. Whether you favor easy and stylish or textured and strange, modern styles and ideas are sure to obtain notice in the public! Are you interested to find the top rated hairstyles? People who love to find the best […]

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15 Best African American Curly Hairstyles to Try Atleast Once!

curly hair

Polished crests of curled creations grace this short coif, which also displays dark auburn highlights to accent the effect. The soft furls line a cocoa silhouette of finely-tuned features to shape a pleasingly idyllic vision. To form this look with thicker natural curls, relax or texturize. Then using a setting lotion, place short locks around heated curlers or curl overnight […]

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