The Bob Hairstyle for Your Romantic Valentine’s Day

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The Bob Hairstyle for Your Romantic Valentine’s Day

A bob is an excellent hairstyle for Valentine’s Day.  To make it you will want to make sure that you have three essential items in tow:  a good conditioner, a hooded dryer, and plastic cap. Using these three items is essential for any African American woman to look her best – Valentine’s Day, of course, being no exception to the rule.

Follow a Regimen

Before you choose a hair style for your Valentine’s Day party or romantic dinner for two, you need to make sure you follow a hair care regimen that is easy to maintain and will keep your hair looking fantastic year-round. Hair care is about producing a timeline and using the necessary products and tools.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Hair Care

For example, you want to make sure that you seal your ends daily with shea butter or that you wash and deep condition your hair each week with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. A protein treatment should be scheduled monthly to keep your hair in tip-top shape.

Also, it helps to write down hair styling goals to stay on track. Write down what works for your hair and take note of the products or techniques that don’t work for you. One of the ways you can find out what works and what does not work is to look for certain descriptions on labels. Words, such as “hydrating,” “conditioning,” “moisturizing,” or “strengthening” are descriptive words you want to see on products for African American hair.

Review the Product Labels

Stay away from products that contain ingredients, such as alcohol or sodium lauryl sulphate, both which dry out textured hair. Instead, make sure the product contains more natural substances, such as essential herbs and oils. You also want to avoid using products that state they are “for professional use only” unless you truly understand the directions and know, without a doubt, that you can use them properly. In addition, it is also helpful to nourish your hair with vitamin supplementation. Good nutrition combined with supplementation of a good vitamin product can double the hair’s rate of growth.

A Recommended Brand of Vitamins

For example, many African American beauties supplement their hair care routine with a brand product known as Viviscal – one of the most popular brands of vitamins in the marketplace. This product, which includes marine extract, promises fast hair growth as well a longer growth phase. Using vitamins also can increase the thickness of the strands.

Shampoo Weekly

This is good news for African American women as their hair tends to be drier than other hair textures and grows at a slower pace. Just make sure you buy a product that is designed for your hair’s specific texture to ensure that it will work for you. While hair care professionals suggest shampooing every two weeks, actually, it is better to shampoo about every week to 10 days. Not only does water provide the needed moisturization, shampooing more frequently will also reduce scalp bacteria. For anyone worried about stripping the hair of moisture, experts recommend shampooing with a moisturizing shampoo and following with a moisturizing conditioner.

Don’t Use Products that are Made for Limp Hair or Which Add Body

Also, because heat styling and chemicals in products can reduce the hair’s moisture, or make it break, it is important to use hydrating or heat-shielding products that include silicone. These kinds of products coat the hair and, in turn, help seal in the moisture. Hair care experts suggest avoiding any product designed for limp hair. That’s because ingredients that add body to the hair can actually remove moisture as they strip the hair of its natural oils.

Maintaining Moisture

Wrapping the hair in a bonnet or satin scarf before retiring in the evening will also help the hair retain precious moisture. The cotton fibers in a pillowcase can wick away moisture in the hair. Also, remember, if a “moisturizing” product feels greasy, it usually is not working or adding moisture to the hair. You want a conditioner that penetrates the hair strands with lightweight oils. Essential oils, like grape seed oil, are absorbed into the hair and do not sit on the hair’s surface.

In some instances, a body lotion can be a good substitute for a leave-in conditioning product because it is made to be absorbed. Rub a dime-sized amount of lotion between the palms and apply it over the length of your hair.

Before you create a look for Valentine’s Day, remember that gorgeous hair comes from using healthy styling methods and products. That means staying away from products containing chemicals or harsh ingredients. Instead, concentrate on deep moisturizing conditioners and shampoos as well as treatments and oils that strengthen the hair and provide elasticity and shine.

Protective Hair Styling

When choosing a Valentine’s hair style or a style any time of the year, choose one that encourages the health and growth of the hair. Protective hair styling methods prevent damage to the hair by using less heat and styling tools. This type of technique keeps the hair moisturized and free of split ends. Make sure you know what you are doing if you use a curly perm product, texturizer or relaxer as each of these products feature chemicals that can cause permanent hair damage if they are not used correctly.

The Romantic Bob Hairstyle – Here is a Quick Way to Make This Look Work


One of the great romantic hair styles for Valentine’s Day that will not stress the hair needlessly is the bob hairstyle, which can be presented in layers or sleek and straight. This short style is one of the most popular styles worn today by African American women. Not only is the style timeless, but you can also include your own personal touches, such as highlights or layers.

What You Need to Create the Look

In order to achieve this timeless look, you will need shampoo, wrapping lotion, a hooded dryer, fine tooth comb, flat iron, claw comb and styling gel.

Step One: Shampoo the Hair

First, you will need to begin with a clean head of hair. Shampoo the hair and take time to detangle the strands. Making sure your hair is detangled will ensure a smoother and more flawless result.




Step Two: Apply Wrapping Lotion

Next, take a liberal amount of wrapping lotion and apply the substance to the hair, making sure it is dispersed evenly in the hair for a proper set. If a foam lotion is used, wipe away any excess as any remaining residue can be seen once the hair is dried.

Step Three: Create a Wrap

Next, part your hair, beginning at the ear, and divide the hair across the top, combing the section forward toward the other ear. Smooth the hair in this direction around the head. Make sure the hair is smoothed so it feels snug. The wrapping lotion will help it to remain in place.

Step Four: Dry Your Hair

Sit under a hooded dryer for about an hour. Don’t touch the wrap until it is dried as doing so can affect the how well the wrap sets.

Step Five: Comb Out the Style

When the hair is dry, comb it out with a fine-toothed dry comb.

Step Six: Add An Essential Oil to the Scalp

Add a bit of light oil to the scalp so the hair will convey a beautiful shine.

Step Seven: Use a Flat Iron

Use a flat iron to bump up or slightly curl the ends of the hair, taking special note of the amount of heat that is applied. Test the tool on tissue paper before you begin curling or creating the style.

Step Eight: Design the Bob

After you use the flat iron, use a claw comb to design your bob. Remember – it is best to use a pattern that goes in the same direction in which the hair was wrapped. Form a side part by starting above the eyebrow, and add gel to hold it in place.

A Winning Look

Bobs can be worn for just about any occasion, besides Valentine’s Day. All you need are a few styling tools in order to make the look work. While this bob style is simple and quick, not all bobs are this easy to create. Nevertheless, if your hair is shorter and you want a romantic and sexy look, this is a winner of a hairstyle.

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