African American Men hairstyles

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There are gazillion styles of African American hairstyles for men who have hair of all length, texture, and color.

If you have blond hair, you can still try any of the below mentioned hairstyles and give yourself a wonderful look. Many even find it convenient to go for the military cut or the short bob with fringes and tapers, you can experiment beyond this as well.

You can use a variety of shampoos, gels, hair sprays, to treat your hair and keep the same style for days and months together. You can add the smart look to your mane as well as your hair when you use any one of the following hairstyles.

List of hairstyles you could tryAfrican american hair style 1

  • Style with neat corners and precision. This style is good for people who want to keep their hair very short and also not worry about it for days and months together, till your hair starts growing a certain length. You can add fades and fringes near the temples and the rear end of your head, and keep this look neat and chic.


  • If your hair is thick, then you must choose a hairstyle that can make the density of hair look trimmer and well maintained. Hair that has a lot of volume can look messy and is also not easy to manage. When you choose a style like, hairstyles that has coils, twists, and trims, then you can cut down the thicker density of your hair into a manageable one.


  • You can also get a very polished look when you go for the higher fades. You will create a suave look for yourself when you go for the high fades and also a variety of side and lower fades available in most of the African American hairstyles.african american hair style 2
  • Having side burns, locks, along with the fades also add a certain dimension to faces that have a round or a chiseled chin. If you have a narrow jaw line, then this kind of hairstyle suits you best.


  • If you have a round face cut, then, go for the cuts that have fringes, braids, and partitions that have creative textures. Having braids is a good option to have if you have a round face.african american hair style 3
  • You can also have the buzz style for hair that is very short as this creates the illusion of having volume of hair on your head. You can contour your hair in a variety of buzz. A few hairstylists will walk you through a different variety of hairstyles using your photo on style software so that you can see the outcome of the hairstyle before choosing the style.


  • Smooth tapers to bare fades that are in ascending or descending order, top to bottom on both the sides are a very common type of hairstyle most of the men prefer to have. If you are not looking for anything elaborate or anything over the top, then, this is the kind of hairstyle that you must go with.

Most of these hairstyles do not need long stay sprays and gels. Also, you can use regular shampoos and conditioners for your hair and redo the hairstyle that you want. But, make sure that you will take the help of your stylist to shampoo and condition your hair when you use any of these hairstyles.

You can also combine your fringes and tapers with a variety of mow hacks that won’t stand out.

You will first have to color your hair and only then get any of these African American hairstyles, as it is not possible to change the hair color after your hair is being styled to any of these styles. This is because, the color that you use later will be seen as a patchy result on the skin of your scalp that has faded or fringes texture. The color also will be uneven, so it is suggested that you first change the color of your hair, if you want to, only then go for the faded or any of the styling and hairstyles.

Fades look good on both, black hair as well as blonde hair. Braids look great only on black hair. For blond hair, going for the straight cuts, different style of flips, layered cuts, vintage cuts, curly cuts, undercuts, bearded style haircuts, short casual fades, it looks good.

Styling your hair might seem expensive, but the result of styling your hair into a variety of hairstyles and cuts makes your look stand apart. You don’t have to be in the glamour industry alone to try these cuts. You could be a business executive, a business owner, an academic, professional, a student, a salesman, or a person of any profession.

You can choose from a variety of these hairstyles that blend in with your professional and personal style.

You can keep these looks for months before you go for any other experimental style. Having a good, neat, trim also adds to the look and makes you look credible. Messy, unkempt hair makes you look unprofessional and unreliable. So, focus on how to keep your hair neat and well trimmed choosing from any of these hairstyles and also keep experimenting even if you have short hair.

Normal can be boring. If you want to get the Bradley Cooper look or the look of any of the celebrities, then you most certainly need to look into the catalog of these hairstyles to get an idea of what goes well with you. You do not need a million dollars to look like a million dollar celebrity, just the right kind of hairstyle done with the help of a professional hair stylist.

You can also shave your side hair. Most of the teens experiment with this look as they like to get the Punk and the gangster look. This kind of cuts and textures on the trims might be more suitable for people in the creative field instead of professions of IT, science, or medicine fields. So, choose your hairstyle carefully.

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