African American Culture Hairstyles Collection 2015

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Do you what are African American culture hairstyles 2014? Well each single year the trends of the African American hairstyles have been changing. There are so many styles of hairstyles for the African American women among which African American culture hairstyles 2014 are taken to be one of the most wanted and best one. Some of the women do think that African American culture hairstyles 2014 are quite a lot complicated to style up but that’s not true at all!

African American Culture Hairstyles 2014

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How To Style Up African American Culture Hairstyles 2014

  1. If you want to set the hairs with the African American culture hairstyles 2014 you should need the items of fine tooth comb, Beeswax, Leave-in conditioner and Sponge rollers.
  2. You should start off with the clean head. Now just leave the slightly damp to produce stronger waves once. Just apply your choice of leave-in conditioner.
  3. Now make the use of fine tooth comb and then part the hair into 1/4 inch sections and twist. Now just make sections smaller for shorter and finer hair textures to achieve a fuller look. Divide up each section into two pieces and twist one around the other as starting from the scalp and completing to the very end of the hair. You should protect the ends with small rubber bands or beeswax.
  4. Now gently roll up the twist and allow hair to dry naturally. You should be rolling each twisted section with sponge rollers to achieve maximum curl pattern. Well the smaller the roller, the tighter the curl pattern. As you are done with it you should allow the hair to dry naturally. Hence overnight is enough time in support of hair to dry completely.
  5. Now in the end just remove off the rollers from each section when dry. You can even begin fluffing the twist. You can fluff for the fuller styles or leave in twist formation for tighter and longer-lasting styles. You can even apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner or olive oil to each section in favor of added shine while shaping into desired style.

Now without thinking any longer just start collecting the images of African American culture hairstyles 2014! These images will going to assist you a lot in choosing with the best of the best hairstyles. Do you love styling your hairs with culture hairstyles?


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