Top 10 African American Bob Hairstyles for 2015


It never goes out of style or get outdated, from Marilyn Munroe to Madonna to all the female celebs today bob cuts are the new craze. African American Bob Hairstyle is easy to manage and stylish, it can be worn at any chosen length, as short as Brandy or as long as Bayonne wore hers.

There is a variety of colors but many have chosen this year to wear a more natural color. It can be bought for extensions or it can be grow. It can be worn by any woman… Black, Caucasian or Hispanic. Can you guess what it is? If you said “Hair” you are exactly right, but not just any hair. It is the BOB hair style. Every woman today views a bob hairstyle as sophisticated, and their style, there are bobs to match a woman’s personality.

Bob hairstyle has been around for a while now but in this year 2015, it has flair, attitude and comes in multi colors. There is the choppy bob, the layered bob, chin length, flattering, wavy, chic, medium, the pixie bob…you name it. This look suits its wearers attitude and style and the shape of her face.

From January of 2015 most African American women rang in the New Year with her new and improved Bob hairstyle. Highlighted below will be our chosen top ten African American Bob Hairstyles worn this year.

The New Year started off with female celebs hitting functions, weddings, cocktail parties and galas in their new cut. We all knew it was Rihanna who worked a bob to the fullest, and actress Halle Berry who has worn a bob the longest and still looked sexy.

However, this year’s fashion trend has seen more celebrities wearing their own personalized bob, even the first lady of the United States of America wore a bob hairstyle to a gala hosted in January. This vintage sexy look is not only worn by African American women but also by Caucasian actress such as Katherine Hegel, Maggie Rose, Julianne Hough and Lady Gaga, to name a few. We have viewed a number of female celebrities and took the opportunity to rate their bobs.

Starting our countdown from number ten we have –

10. Taraji P. Henson

african american bob hairstyle - top 10 - Taraji P. Henson

A lover of short bob hairstyles, Taraji wore a medium bob curly hairstyle to a gala event earlier this year. Her hair looked full of life with layered cuts. She wore it with confidence and style. Great look!!!

9. Kerry Washington

african american bob hairstyle - top 10 - Kerry Washington

Actress of the television series “Scandal” wore a lovely bob that accentuated her soft oval face. She challenged a bang and bob hairstyle and wore it quite nicely. Kerry, for courageously wearing, a superb “bob with bangs”, we award you with our ninth position on our chart.

8. Songstress Rihanna

african american bob hairstyle - top 10 - Songtress Rihanna

Wore a cut straight bob earlier this year, that made her look like a “teen bopper”, but she manages to pull it off every time and look so beautiful. She wore it elegantly and looked quite charming. Rihanna who wore an asymmetrical bob late last year and a curly bob before has blazed the “bob hairstyle trail”. Beyond a shadow of a doubt she is far from ending her bob hairdos.

7. Naomi Campbell

african american bob hairstyle - top 10 - Naomi Campbell

Beautiful and charming Naomi joined her fellow female celebrities and went for the sleek shoulder length bob look. She looks captivating and stunning with her new hairstyle. Also wearing bang to her bob cut made it look super cool and easy maintenance.

6. Kelly Rowland

african american bob hairstyle - top 10 - Kelly Rowland

Any hair style Kelly wears looks fabulous on her; a couple months ago she wore a short bob with blunt bangs. She looked angelic with her locks framing her pretty little face.

5. Eve

african american bob hairstyle - top 10 - Eve

She can be considered one of the queens of short hairstyles. This beauty had changed almost six bob hairstyles in the last four months. She is fond of side parting bob which makes her looks both sexy and mysterious. Her hair which at most times is blonde compliments this beautiful celebrity.

4. Jourdan Dunn

african american bob hairstyle - top 10 - Jourdan Dunn

On Thursday 30th April Jourdan showed of her new sleek bob hairstyle. Not African American by birth but British the model had a shoulder sweeping bun that made her look like a goddess.

3. Michelle Obama

african american bob hairstyle - top 10 - Obama

The first lady of the United States is fond of short hair she wears her hair short and curly, sometimes straight, but this year she started off with a “bang”. Bob medium hairstyles with bangs. Her medium and short bobs are her favorites.

2. Beyonce

african american bob hairstyle - top 10 - Beyonce

This songstress has it all together, her sultry voice, her voluptuous curves and of course… her 2015 bob hairstyles. At number two Beyonce has never fallen short of the trends. Earlier this year at the Oscars she was seen wearing a blunt bob hairstyle, of course we all know how she looked…Stunning!!!

1. Tyra Banks

african american bob hairstyle - top 10 - Tyra Banks

A well know beautiful model/actress Tryra Banks stunningly wore a long bob hairstyle, most persons were irate because of the fact that she snipped “a whole inch off”, but the truth is she looked just as stunning as she always did.

The trend of hairstyles just gets shoved to the back shelf every so often and when it resurfaces it is sure to send shockwaves. There are some celebrities that wore killer bobs, but we would not mention them since we are focusing African American Bob Hairstyles.

It is simpler than you think get a bob hairstyle for a black woman, visit you hairs store or hair salon and begin to look like an African American celebrity with your new look.

It is seen that many African American ladies are wearing the hair in bobs’ because of the manageability of the hairstyle. The year 2015 has seen the return of the “bobs”, it has been used to compliment the attire of women for this year coming off the red carpet and other major events.

The bob cut can be made very professional or casual, even upbeat and can have a super hero look.

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