25 Elegant Wedding Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Like a Princess

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10. Jeweled Up

10 Leafy Jeweled Updo

Tradition characterizes this high cluster to formally serve the bride’s bearing and appearance. Bundled in exquisite curls a stranded splendor reigns atop side-swept tresses. Hair embellishments grace the style, coordinating with necklace and earrings to augment full fashion. Culminating at the rear in a brief french roll, the total hair mode exhibits polish and grandeur. A lacy gown with a full train would complete this look in sumptuous form.


10. Jeweled Up

10 Leafy Jeweled Updo

9. Beneath the Veil

9 Tiara and Veil

Long locks gently stream past the shoulders beneath veiled placement. Descending rather than up-trending style brings beguiling drama to transparently concealed presence. Private reflection pervades this screened appearance, a mode entranced guests will surely respect. The significance of seriously contemplated matrimony is the mood of this hairstyle and full expression.

8. Starred Twists

8 Braids Twisted Up

Uniquely crimped twists appealingly incline into an intricately fashioned bun. Tiny crystal balls decorate bun tips and periphery, as contours draw back from the hairline. The immaculate design characterizes a fully poised pose with ribbed texture and faceted depth. This hair concept is all but self-decorating, accepting but not requiring an ornate gown.

7. Pearled Elegance

7 Double Bun

From a smoothed-out hair and neckline, beautifully gathered strands draw upward and back towards immaculately woven buns. With skillful placement and technique, pearls cast in gold are illustrated upon supremely styled elegance. Through decidedly well-formed contours, this genre of hair design is an updo extraordinaire. Adorned with this style expression, bridal charisma is guaranteed.

6. Long and Luscious

6 Long and Luscious

Singer Rihanna graces exceedingly long locks that silkily frame the face and terminate upon the torso. The look can be admiringly worn as an extraordinary wedding hairdo. Long, opulent tresses add complete glamour with magnetic allure. A tall bride could beautifully display these lengths with confidence and self-possession. Charm and attraction are owned by many brides when they walk down the aisle in this long style.

5. Oblique Bun

5 Decorate on the Side

Lacy decorations amplify an already illustrious and graciously twirled bun. Hair textures proceed into the elaborate assembly that rests at back upon the nape of the neck. Stylized in slightly asymmetrical fashion the swirling cluster dresses the look in chic fashion. Whether ceremony or reception, this hair artistry wears well to continually compliment.

4. Feathered Up

4 Feathered Updo

A feathered ornament accents a low bun style that exposes a swan-like neck. Silky strands join highlighted arcs that outline the low spherical balance. Entice groom, wedding party and guests with refined loveliness at ceremony and celebration. Delicately refined fascination is the destined reception for a bride adorned in this appearance.

3. Tiara Falls

3 Tiara Downstyle

Underneath a crowning flowered tiara, flouncy curls tumble upon shoulders and torso. Starred and mother of pearl effects collect in complimenting necklace and earrings. Dark tresses supremely contrast decorative jewels and a white wedding gown. Dress this style up in gown fashion. This frilly hair mood supports fashion to any elaborate extent.

2. Roll Up

2 Rolled Up With Jewelry

A distinct take on the low bun, this expansive horizontal roll sits at the nape as the defining quality of a well-formed hairstyle. Distinguished at folded connection with a partial wreath of flowers, the lowly-placed form defines this textured do. Couple this look with a three quarter length white suit of a vintage twenties-styled gown for a nostalgic period effect in an identically themed ceremony.

1. Northern Lights

1 Star the Bun

Tiny rhinestones and pearls punctuate the curled formation of this upturned bun. Delicate charm defines the genre with a simple beginning to an upswept form. Contrasted against ornately clustered constructs, pearl earrings and jeweled gown appliques accent all aspects in conforming compliment. A graceful walk engendered by this dainty dignity will breathtakingly fill onlookers with inspiring awe. Possibly after the first dance, release the bun into rippling curls.



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