20 Most Suitable Hairstyles For Round Faces

face shape round

Round faces, like all facial shapes can be beguilingly beautiful. With this fact in mind, the trend is to veil the shape of a rounded face. No longer a mystery, downplaying roundness to enhance beauty, is achieved through the illusion of facial length. To accomplish this purpose, three medium-length hairstyles are among the options utilized for complimentary effect. These are layers, razored shags and wisps. Avoid layered looks that start too high and add volume to facial width. Trendy bobs that precisely meet the chin, as well as long styles, also vertically accentuate facial facets. Bobs and medium to long wisps, razored shags or blended layers are perfect for round faces.

In hair fashion formations, shaggy hairstyles resemble layered looks in balancing the face. There is also asymmetrical cuts and trims that bring a semblance of evenness to the face. As well, swept bangs have the capacity to harmonize facial contours. Side-swept strands that shingle or smooth against the forehead bring angles to rounded facial dimensions. Long bangs that extend to the cheekbone are also an attractive option. An additional effect is the latest trend of soft waves and tousled locks. These divert the eye from facial roundness by framing the countenance in soft, ample curls. There is also the option of a trendy variety of short, pixie cuts. These cuts train the observing eye upward and away from the horizontal width of facial constructs. Anchored in these renewing facts we now are ready to view the Top 20 Black Hairstyles for Round Faces.

20. The Long of It

20 Long Braids

Long micro braids somewhat soften the roundness of this face. The length also highlights facial vertical dimension.

19. Bangs On Top

19 Sided Up

Height and a slanted bang effect bring the eye upward from the width of singer Jill Scott’s face. Visual concentration is on her beautifully expressive eyes rather than her facial form.

18. Natural Camouflage

18 Natural to the Side

A natural hairdo trained to the side, along with floral embellishment, prettily camouflage rounded facial width. Both of these effects fall below the ear to veil the widest diameter of the face.

17. Go Vertical

17 Long and Skirting

Singer/Actress Jennifer Hudson wears length in a style that veils the width of her prettily rounded face. Notice how the length drapes along facial width and aims the eye vertically along her countenance.

16. Covering the Width

16 Curled In Concealment

Here amassed obsidian tendrils undulate along the facade circumference to veil rounded contours. Substantial waves of ample curls conceal circular facial width.

15. Curved and Swept

15 Short Sculpted and Waved

Blonde on top with curving angled bangs, this trendy pixie hairdo frames the face to accent cheeks and facial length. While downplaying facial width two-toned interest adds zip to this style. Round faces adore this spicy look.

14. Shaggy Fringes

14 Pixie On It

A shaggy pixie cut is a cute option for round faces. The razored layers of hair bring a stratified look to facial structure.

13. Full Cover

13 Camouflage

Mystery surrounds this countenance to slim the facial silhouette. Fashioned swirls hang over the facade, fully concealing its widest arc. Eyes peek out at the world as the world steals a glance at facial form.

12. Wispy Poise

12 Wispy In Frame

Singer Mary J. Blige veils round facial form with blonde coloring and angled bangs. Wispy strands curve and flutter around her profile, softening her features and her facial construct.

11. Razor's Edge

11 Pixie Page
A trendy, collar-length razored bob adds depth rather than width to the face. Notice how slightly angled and unevenly shaved bangs lengthen and soften the facial form.