20 Cutest African American Kids Hairstyles For Little Black Girls

african american little girl hairstyles

African american kids hairstyles are equally important as adult hairstyles. African american black little girls are delicately delightful in every facet of their being. Adorably intoxicating with exquisitely dusky grace, these young ladies daintily wear naturally fashioned hair with unique charm. Through all seasons and at many occasions African American girls draw admiring attention with hair fashioned in captivating style. There are a variety of soft, adorable hairstyles from which parents can choose. There are attractive and age appropriate hairstyles for any child’s hair length and curl pattern. Many children’s styles are easily achieved at home. Some elegant style choices can be accomplished in minutes. Braid your child’s hair in diverse patterns. Use pins and hair products to assist in free-styling. Or undo old twists into corkscrew curls. In making a choice of hairstyles, avoid chemical straighteners, dyes or hair extensions. Unnatural applications to children’s hair are really unnecessary. These applications compromise the general health of hair. A child’s hair, being in a formative stage, can be irreversibly damaged with the use of chemical products and hair-compromising techniques. Accessorize with barrettes, beads, or add-ons to dress up any style. You may also wish to consider hairstyles types that are acceptable at school.

african american little girl hairstyles

Curl hairstyles are a popular and remarkably enchanting on afro-american little girls. Applying a curling mousse to wet hair, or using heated curlers allows you to design any coiled formation. In addition, ponytails – single or multiple, ponytail twists, or single braids can be fashioned in delightful styles. Braided design is another idea for styling African American children’s hair. Cornrows plaited in intricate patterns, and possibly combined with loose braids, or loosely flowing strands, are an ideal look for young girls. Afro puffs are a cute and low maintenance option. You may also opt for multiple braids or groomed dreadlocks. However remember, if you’re going for retained length, dreadlocks cannot be reversed. If you wish to alter the style, the child’s hair must be cut and regrown or worn in a short trim. French braids for girls with medium to long hair are also a stylish option. Modest updos such as buns or high curls are choices for special and dressy occasions. Cute and simple, or girly and elegant, assortment of hairstyles is available to an African American child. Condition and moisturize when washing, oil as required, and use safe and effective hairstyling products. Both your daughter and you will enjoy stunningly delightful hair. With this information in mind here are the top 20 stylish hairstyles for little black girls.


20. Bushy Beauty

black kid hairstyle

Full and feathery is the primary aspect of this billowy style. Moisturized and finger combed, this dazzling delight works for classroom, recess, playground or play. Blown and wavy, the wind only augments this look. Sweetly beguiling, popularity awaits the approach of this little black girl hairstyle.

19. Heart of the Matter

19 Hair Jewelry

Bring intricate height and length to your child’s style. Crafted heart shaped art culminates in hearts of hair jewelry to grace this young crown and lengths. Two braided ponytails sit atop creative zest, pulling the eye up while braids extend down. A complete vision of interest and gaiety crowns your child with this gem-tipped design.

18. Girly Swirl

18 Swirled Braids

Proceeding from height in crowning design, this little girl is precious in swirled cornrows. Graceful rows conform to her head with textured appeal, accenting its dainty shape. The school cafeteria is a place of admiring glances for any child cast in this adorable finish.

17. Twist and Turn

17 Twisted Down

Cutely curled twists gently skirt shoulders for a look of adorable thrill. Precisely fastened from the scalp, twirled ropes of flourishing locks swirl and drape along the profile. Simple yet ornate, the fall of textured locks decorates both face and wardrobe. Wearing these crafted coils, your child will be the admired topic of discussion.

16. Puffed Up

16 Afro Puffs

Afro puffs bounce against the summit of this contented head. Easily form these cloud-shaped bundles by smoothing strands, pulling the hair up, and fastening with elastic loops. Be careful to use elastics that do not contain metals, as metals cut into hair shafts hair. Release thick tresses overnight to breathe and reclaim their natural form.

15. Circles and Triangles

15 Twist It

Large twists emerge from triangular sections that surround this young head. Smoothly formed clusters of hair are circularly banded into a range of coils. Twisted clusters stand in dimension with at-random appearance upon neatly parted strands. Fairly simple to maintain, this style technique supports hair growth.

14. Free and Fluffy

14 Free and Fluffy

A volume of fluffy hair strands drop from high point to neck, freely framing this young face with twirls and curls. Well moisturized and finger combed, little maintenance is required for this style. With tighter curl patterns, keep well oiled and nightly braid in sections for an extended, more relaxed effect.

13. Moving Forward

13 Flung Forward

Micro braids shadow one side of a smiling countenance as small cornrows curve towards the rear. Sweetly demure and dearly beguiling, your child will adorn this hairstyle with pride and pleasure. To easily maintain the style, cover overnight while training braids forward.

12. By the Tail

12 Long Braids

Long, traditional braids emerge from neatly parted sections to rest upon young shoulders. Smoothed into position strands securely connect into braid foundations, which terminate secured with elastics. Never outdated, these intertwines of tails are perfect for young hair fashion. Innocently girly, pretty as well as reserved, school or play welcomes this look.

11. Coils and Springs

11 Naturally Twisted

For varied texture, add coils, swirls, and twirls to your child’s natural curl pattern. After combing ample curls with an afro pick, apply style-retaining hair products and finger twist portions of hair into fashion. The combination achieves a superbly interesting and creative style display.

10. Mingled Designs

10 Swept Rowed Curled

Cornrows, braids and curls express sweet and trendy variety. Upswept rows fall into cutely twisted curls as braids sweep against an adorable profile. To create tumbled curls, apply a style-retaining product. Then spiral free hair around flexible rods and cover overnight. Finger comb in the morning.

9. Bushy Bun

9 Pre-School Bushy Ponytail

Hairstyle pleasure for any preschooler is captured in the downy charm of feathery bun and frilly bangs. A large bow completes the look into finished perfection. While young in fashion, this look has a whimsically sophisticated appeal. Smooth sides with a vegetable gel. Condition and moisturize free strands with oil-based products.

8. Ample Room

8 Thick Braids

Who says you can’t manage thick hair in braids? Forming lush, braided ropes these thick lengths adorn this child’s head, accentuating her innocent glamour. The best way to corral beautifully thick lengths is in braided form. Smooth loose hair with oil-based products and freely plait to the ends. Hold ends together with elastic bands that contain no metal.

7. Braided Bounty

7 Braid It

Sweetly formed micro braids frame a pretty young face and tumble to the shoulders. Added hair covers and protects natural hair as it is plaited into fashion and extends into collar lengths. To maintain this hairdo, moisturize and cover nightly. Rebraid at scalp when needed to retain a fresh look.

5. Curly Twirls

5 Sectioned Into Twists

6. Made Up

6 Heart

Varied cornrow designs lead to a small, neatly braided bun. Cornrows run in textured form along a responsive scalp. Larger plaits incline upon row formations towards the awaiting crown. Like the artistically plaited heart, this little girl is sweetly fashioned and ready for childhood activity.

A supremely creative hairstyle graces the head of this young beauty. Attractive in all curl patterns, this style draws hair asymmetrically upward and gently trains it in curls to the side. Twined ringlets twirl into lengths that are held in place with gently knotted ends. Maintain this hairstyle with an oil-based moisturizer. To allow hair to rest, after a week release tresses into free, natural form.

4. Cross Over

4 Braids Across the Crown

Two braids cross the summit of this style presenting a decoration in form. Parted through the middle and trained upward, this hairstyle accentuates facial features and brings height to your child’s look. Easily maintained, the hairdo can be rebraided daily.

3. Multi-Facets

3  Out of Triangles

Long twirls extend from plaited rows and wavy strands parted into triangular designs, as barrettes and hair jewels sparkle at scalp and ends. The distinct designs of this hairstyle merge into continuity for an overall balanced look. An ideal example of traditional braids cast in an artistic distribution.

2. End of the Rope

2 Curled Rows

Glistening strands twined into ropes stream down the back and caress the profile. Smoothly rolled rows flow in rear-directed curves from precise forehead connections. While refined in fashion, this immaculately crafted style manages to express purity and innocence. Your child will wear a broad smile as she also wears this beautifully created do.

1. Up High

1 Curled Up

Curls dominate this chic formal hairstyle with gelled cornrows and stranded uplift introducing curly design. Use soft rods to twist natural hair into curly spirals, or add a hairpiece at the hairstyle height. On the other hand, a stylist may have the best technique in creating this somewhat complicated look. After a week or two disassemble the style, thoroughly wash, and restyle.

Hope you have enjoyed our list of hairstyles for black kids. Let us know what is the hairstyle that you love for your kids.

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