20 Dashing Hairstyles For Black Men in 2015

men hair black 2015

10. Windblown Clusters

Black men hairstyles for 2015

From finely curly to thick and coarse, the Afro is unique to African American hair. Although strong in appearance, hair formed in this style can become dry and break easily. Moisturizing black men hair products and resting the hair in braids at night can assist in maintaining the health of this effect. Questlove of The Roots band has brought 21st century recognition to this hairstyle.


9. Braided Lengths

The Braids Okay hairstyle for black men

Why not extend cornrows into free-hanging braids. Notice how, rather than diminishing the look, free braids enhance masculinity. Even though braided styles do not require much maintenance, they do crave consistent cleansing, and moisturizing. Sleeping with hair cover keeps braids smooth and polished.

8. Straight and Narrow

Straightened Okay - latest hairstyle

Recently comedian Katt Williams, and earlier singer Little Richard, brought fame to straightened hairstyles for men. This chemical treatment that relaxes the follicle curl pattern, is many times followed by the use of a flat iron to add a smooth finish to the straightened hair. Mousse and other styling products that are not water-based hold the hair in place for that certain look.

7. Artistically Crafted

Cut In Designs Okay

Patterns and designs work well as scalp-exposing grooves in a most black men haircuts. These black hair designs seldom go unnoticed and tend to make a dramatic impression. Scalps tatooed with letters and symbols are an expanded rendition of this style. Whether designs are subdued or brandished, this look will certainty attract unusual, and many times admirable, glances.

6. Strength of Manhood

Dreadlocks Okay

Here a man ‘turns out’ his look with dreadlocks. Dreadlocks originated in Africa and are understood to have come through Jamaica, a heritage for many African Americans, to the United States. This hair genre denotes strength and freedom, which makes dreadlocks a style direction for many men who nurture an independent spirit.

5. Decked in Cornrows

The Cornrow

A unique man can uniquely ‘style’ Cornrows. Rows of hair are braided to the scalp and spaced to expose the scalp. The style ends behind the head in free braids that can continue a maximum of six to eight inches below the hairline. Cornrows lend themselves to a number of creative designs. The rapper Xzibit models this style as his signature look.

4. Curled to Perfection

4 Jheri Curl Okay

The Jheri Curl, this amazing simple afro-american men hairstyle was invented by hairstylist Jheri Redding, was created to loosen the curl pattern of thickly coarse hair. This look was very popular during the 80s, introducing an uncommon flair into the African American style presentation. The style requires a certain amount of maintenance, with the necessity to apply activator for retention of the look. Famous singer Lionel Richie is known for proudly sporting the Jheri Curl.

3. Tribal in a Mohawk

3 Mohawk Okay

Though many black men would rather retain one hairstyle they can ‘trust’, some men prefer personal styles that complement their individuality. The Mohawk, taken from the style worn by native American braves of the Mohawk tribe, positively fulfills this creative desire. This approach breathes confidence. With either bald or closely cut sides, the thick mane-like hair fashion brings unique character to any man’s look.

2. Boxed High to Satisfy

2 High Top Fade Okay

Rappers, hip hop artists, and urban musicians made the The High Top Fade popular in the 80s and 90s. While out of fashion during the latter part of the 90s, this haircut has made a comeback in recent years. A thick, curly hair texture is ideal for this style that boxes the hair high upon the crown. The English footballer, Danny Welbeck famously sports this look.

1. Fading in with Precise Trim

1 Temp Fade Okay

The Temp Fade haircut for african american black men is simple, clean, and clipped to accent the hairline and brow. Dr. Dre, world renowned rapper, is also recognized for this hairstyle, giving it the publicity it deserves. Your stylist can razor in that perfect edge with a progressive fade into your fuller crown. A smart and professional haircut, this look is sure to impress.

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