20 Dashing Hairstyles For Black Men in 2015

men hair black 2015

One way black men heighten their attraction is to update the way they wear their hair. African American men with thick, curly hair are challenged to find a hairstyle that compliments their person and personality. The quest of intent is to enhance one’s features with a look that requires reasonable maintenance and preserves the hair in a healthy condition. The haircut or style for black men that was popular a few years ago may not be the current ‘look’, as trends change. Even if you are comfortable with your current habit of trim, to be taken seriously you may want to update and upgrade your tendency. Look in the mirror to analyze your current hair mode. Would you like your manly locks to be longer or shorter? Do your prefer your natural hair curl pattern? Would a texturizer or straightener suit you better? Finally, how much time and effort do you see yourself putting into haircare?

Innovative techniques have created a variety of styles, some of which are popularly common, others originally creative. You may want a style that differentiates you from those who are more conservative in their choice of hairstyles. Or you may prefer hair that is reliably attractive on a daily basis. Fortunately for discerning men like you, here is a list of the top 20 hairstyles for African American black men view and analyze. These amazing hair trends will fill you with inspiration and spark your imagination. Browse through the pictures to see which of them speak to your vision. Then show your choice to your stylist to create a mode that is the ‘new you’.

20. Tell a Tail

20 The Low Ponytail Okay

The new millennium has ushered in the greatest freedom in hair expression ever. With current hairstyling, generally anything goes. Form your lengths into low ponytail. Grow a rat’s tail behind your haircut. Relax your hair, partially or completely. Cut, grow, and design the hair mode that speaks to you.

19. Along Came a Spider

19 The Spider Rows Okay

The intricate design of these spider rows pulls the eye into uncommon architecture that highlights both the shape of the cornrows and the overall style formation. Notice how the braiding is finely twisted to form smooth rows. Care for this style with moisturizers, hair gloss, and nighttime head cover.

18. Look the Part

18 Parted Okay

Exact a part into your haircut and see how it brings in that distinctive look. A part splits the ordinary appearance of a haircut distinguishing it with individual refinement.

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17. Burned on the Sides

17 Sculpted Sideburns Okay

Sculpted sideburns, many times leading into beards and goattees, are a popular current trend. A variety of sideburn designs make this look individual as well as trendy.

16. Take the Stairs

16 Stairstep High Top Okay

Another work of art, the Stairstep High Top is a variation on the boxed High Top Fade. Notice how the sculpture of the cut accentuates this man’s facial features for an imposing appearance. Distinguishing looks like this also find heightened popularity within the fashion industry.

15. The Right Angle

15 Sculptued Right Triangle Okay

Sculptured haircuts are one of the latest hairstyles for black men 2015. As with the High Top Fade, here the cut is architecturally created. An angled razor actually planes the high triangle into shape. Popular in the fashion industry, this is a look for men who want to self-confidently stand out.

14. Textured Composition

14 Texturized Okay

Some men don’t want to eliminate their natural curls, just soften them. Texturizers are the perfect option for this preference. An alternative that works best with short to medium hair, this style requires chemicals to slightly loosen the curls. Read instructions carefully before applying texturizers. And when re-texturizing, apply only to newly grown hair.

13. 360 Degrees of Appeal

Waves Okay - hairstyle for black men

Popular among young African American black men, 360 waves also seem to attract young women. This style only works with shorter haircuts. Make sure the hair is no longer than one and a half inches. Analyze the curl pattern as loose to normal, or tight and thick. If the hair is tight, first apply a relaxer. Wash, condition, and moisturize the hair. Air dry. Then thoroughly massage a half dollar size portion of pomade into the hair. Brush the hair beginning at the crown and proceeding towards the edges. Place a scarf or ‘doo rag’ tightly over the brushed hair for 24 hours to help it naturally wave. Continue to apply pomade and brush the hair for two to three weeks. Washing or cutting the hair will disrupt the wave pattern.

12. Buzzed

12 Buzz Cut Okay

The Buzz Cut is a close cropped hairstyle which affirms gentility without complexity. This look reveals the facial construct and requires a well-shaped head. The closeness of the trim brings sharpness and focus to the contour. Bucking all trends, this cut seems to stay in style. Virtually maintenance-free, use this hair choice to cool down summers for work, rest or play.

11. Have a Twist

Twists Okay - trending hairstyle 2015

Twists may be crinkled, curly or smooth, depending on the curl pattern. On the left Eric Benet, a popular singer, recording artist and promoter, wears curly crinkled twists. On the right twists smoothly hang from the scalp in a straight pattern. These twisted looks, though distinctly different, accentuate the features of both men.


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