20 African American Braided Updo Hairstyles To Attract Vivid Admiration

braided updos

We attribute beautiful braids to women of color who have decidedly tighter strand curl patterns. For generations, braided hairstyles have been a tradition for African american women. It is generally assumed that styling with braids originated in Egypt, Senegal and West Africa as attractive hair protection as well as hair fashion. African tradition saw hair as an attribute of beauty, with long, thick hair on a woman representing the life force within her. In Yoruba culture, hair was braided in distinct patterns to send various messages to ‘the gods’. As hair sits atop the most elevated part of the body, the head, hair was also considered to be a portal for spirits to pass into the soul.

How to do African American Braided Updo Hair

African hair, with its thickness and texture, is perfectly constructed for braids. More porous than naturally straight hair, African hair dries easily and therefore requires protection from atmospheric elements. Braided hairstyles therefore respond favorably to African haircare requirements. Along with protective hair products, braiding combines African hair strands for greater resilience. The common use of extensions braided into the hair additionally provides a protective cover for hair growth and maintenance. The braiding process takes time, but produces a beautiful result with distinctly creative outcomes. Multiple techniques generate divergent and versatile shapes in braided fashion including a variety of braided updos. Braided updos have actually become the trend. A number of updos in braided fashion are even appearing at New York Fashion Week. With these facts in mind, the following top 20 african american updo hairstyles for woman are certain to attract vivid admiration.

20. The Ultimate Goddess Crown

The Ultimate Goddess Crown - braided updos

The ultimate in royal looks, this Goddess crown brings magnanimous grace to your presence. Beautifully coiffed, oversized braids adorn your person with an imperial artistry that accents your face and makes of you a lustrous view. To create this look, smooth edges from your forehead, temple and neck with a vegetable gel. Carefully blow-dry smoothed edges to give them texture and to keep them in place. Then proceed with the Goddess braid coiling. Steer clear of silicon-based gels that, instead of being absorbed, lie on top of your hair causing it to look dirty.

19. The Spider Design

The Spider Design

Spider braids are layered from lots of small intertwined hair strands, creating the look of spider legs. These braids are sometimes named “herringbone” in that the braid resembles a fish skeleton. This updo is best worn by confident women who aren’t afraid to draw attention to their face.

18. Swept High and Natural

Swept High and Natural

It is uncommon to see freely natural curl patterns in an upward expanse, but some women wear this style with amazing results. This is a great casual hairstyle that can be accessorized for different occasions. Create this feminine look by braiding 1-2 inches up from the forehead and temples. Then free your curl pattern. The graduated trimming from the neck makes this African American hairstyle a true updo.

17. Integrated Charm

Integrated Charm hairstyle

You will not be able to look away from this updo. To create, introduce added hair to cover thick natural tresses in a coiled braid pattern. Then, for a simply gorgeous custom look, interlace the ends to instill overall height. With this style you can protect your natural hair as it grows out, or simply enjoy its integrated sweep.

16. Asymmetrical Bundling

Asymmetrical Bundling

Here is a hairstyle that works at upscale events as well as normal locations. Braided in a parted array with an asymmetrically added top knot, this look draws attention away from facial length, while accentuating lips and eyes. A pretty yet bold updo designed to keep your hair tamed for that formal occasion in outside weather conditions.

15. Dramatic Charisma

Dramatic Charisma

Multiple braids that cuddle the neck bring a touching affect to this dramatic style. Free individual braids form this glamorous look. Half-up and half-down, these partially tousled tresses sweep upward and back from the front to securely rest behind the head. A portion of hair in the back loosely falls to the shoulders, while free braids and flyaway strands frame and soften the face.

14. Twisted Finesse

Twisted Finesse

The upward reach of this african american hair fashion accentuates our model’s cheeks, while the full-body and texture of the micro twists bring symmetry to the look.  Braid from the temple ¾ of the distance towards the crown. Then micro twist the free hair. An enchanting hairstyle with loads of personality, this practical and manageable technique requires only bedtime hair cover and lots of moisturizing!

13. Braided Front Accents

Braided Front Accents

A heart-shaped face may love the front accent of this braided style with partial forehead cover. As blonde highlights add flair and brighten the complexion, braided and stranded folds sweep upward to bring youth to facial structure. The combination of braids, freely wrapped natural hair, and straightened folds create an interesting and textured effect.

12. Freely Twisty

Freely Twisty

Twists can be shaped into very original contours. The soft patterns in this hairstyle are designed to impress the onlooker. These braids are actually individual, instead of cornrowed to the scalp, for ease in forming twists. Any arrangement of coiled braids can be tweaked for your facial shape and curl pattern.

11. Bronze the Twists

Bronze the Twists

As a hue experience, this impressive design for creative ladies starts with braided pencil strands along the sides. Braided twists on top then add a stunningly creative flair. With changed hair tones remember to dye your eyebrows the same color.

10. The Cascading Fall

The Cascading Fall Updos

The fall adds fluid harmony to this style. Contrasted against braided sides, the long, flowing waves are quite striking. Give your hairstyle a different ‘turn’ by adding thin, cascading locks for a waterfall effect. Also notice the various braid directions to add interest. Ensure that the fall is properly secured.