20 Trending Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Short Natural Cut for african-american women

The net abounds with modern and avant-garde hairstyles and variations for Caucasian women, but not as many for ethnic women. This post will overview 20 different popular short natural hairstyles and variations specifically for African-American women.

1. Short Natural Cut

Short Natural Cut for african-american women

Short Natural Cut for african-american women

This simplistic haircut for african american women is very easy to do and maintain. With men’s electric clippers and an appropriate set of teeth to buzz your hair down to about two to one and a half inches. Add some product to your hair so that your hair curls in on itself in an aesthetically pleasing way.


2 . Short Straight Cut

Short Straight Cut

Short Straight Cut

A variation on the previous hairstyle which involves straightened or relaxed hair. You’re going to want to grow your hair out first and relax or straighten it prior to cutting. Once straightened out you may want to use scissors rather than clippers in conjunction with a comb so that you can cut your hair to the length you desire. You may also want to add some appropriate hair product so that you can style your hair as you want.


3. The Amazon

The Amazon

The Amazon

An extreme version of the Short Natural Cut. You simply buzz all but the last half inch of your hair evenly across your scalp. This style, while not for all, can be incredibly liberating, and requires almost no maintenance like most other hairstyles.


4. Classic Bob

Classic Bob

Classic Bob

Feeling like rocking the most popular look for african american ladies from the Roaring Twenties? Then style your hair in the Classic Bob haircut. You’ll have to straighten your hair with a flat iron and it should be at least four inches when straight. Your bangs should be cut to the same length, about three or four inches or so, in such a way that your eyebrows are still visible. Your hair on the side and back of your head should be cut to be all the same length as well, about five to seven inches long, with the exception of the ends which should be just a bit longer. Add some sheen and comb your hair to give it that extra luster when you’re finished.


5. Swept Bob

Swept Bob

Swept Bob

Similar to the Classic, this take on the Bob involves only a slight modification. With your bangs still cut your hair about the same length, but sweep it to one side or the other. Part your bang’s to whichever side you prefer and cut it to be even in the front and about four inches long, or perhaps even longer so that this hair blends with the rest of your hair. You may want to add some product so that your bangs stay parted.


6. Modern Bob

Modern trending bob hairstyles for african american girls

Modern bob hairstyle

This take on the aforementioned classic haircut has a contemporary flare to it. Instead of making your bangs a different length than rest of your hair you’re going to want to blend the length together. With your bangs parted cut them so they blend together with the rest of your hair. You will also want to style the fringes with a curling iron so they “sweep” towards the back of your head.


7. Waved Bob

Waved Bob

Waved Bob

In this version of the Bob you’re going to want to cut your hair as you would with the Classic Bob, but use lotion and a flat iron to sweep your front hair to one side. Also, you’re going to want to keep a long lock of hair on one side. Rather than cut it in line with the rest of your hair line keep it about three to four inches longer than the rest of your hair and apply lotion and your flat iron to twist it in the direction of the rest of your styled hairdo. If you’d like you can also twist the ends of the rest of your hair.


8. Side ‘hawk

Side ‘hawk

Side ‘hawk

With this hairdo you are going to want to straighten your hair and then cut it down with scissors. You’re going to want to cut it a style similar to, but nearly as short, as a man’s fade so that the hair on top of your head is about four inches, while the hair on the side is about an inch or so. Then apply lotion to your entire head and curl it with a flat iron in one direction.


9. Short Side Swept Beauty

Short Side Swept hairstyle for afro-american women

After it has been cut part all of your hair to one side, then apply pomade to the opposite side so the remaining hair is relatively flat and slick. To the parted side use a flat iron to style as desired. Finally, apply sheen so that the parted hair is voluminous and shiny.


10. Braided Side Swept Beauty

Braided Side Swept Beauty

Braided Side Swept Beauty

This is similar to the previous style but don’t cut it as short. Instead with this longer hair braid the side which is to be on the parted portion. To the other side apply pomade instead of braiding it. To add some flash and style to your braids put in some different colored, and sized beads.


Watch this video on trending short african american natural hairstyles.

11. The Straight Half Danzig

The Straight Half Danzig - amazing short hairstyle for african american fashoinable women

The Straight Half Danzig hair

This is for those who are really avant-garde. Much like the Short Side Swept Beauty you are going to want to gather and part all of your hair to one side after it’s been cut. However with the other side you are going to want to buzz cut the rest on that side.


12. The Braided Half Danzig

This is exactly what it sounds like. Gather, part and braid your hair, and finish to rest with a buzz cut on the opposite side. This look is extremely innovative, so much so that you’re going to want to make it look as unique as possible with colored beads, hair streaking or dyeing.


13. Tucked and Swirled Curls

Tucked and Swirled Curls short hair

Tucked and Swirled Curls hair

This hairstyle is going to need some work, but works great when you’re finished. Start cornrowing your hair up from you’re the lowest parts of your scalp towards the keel of the head. With the remainder near or at the keel rope twist into swirls. You may have to use bobbing pins which match your hair color so that the swirls stay together. Spray on some sheen or similar product to make everything really pop.


14. Tucked and Free Curls

Tucked and Free Curls hair

Tucked and Free Curls hair

If you are short on time (or patience) than this hairdo is for you. Just like the previous one in the list except you keep the gathered hair on your keel untwisted. You also don’t have to add product to your hair as the “unswirled“ curls should have enough body and volume to look good and grab attention.

15. The ‘Fro Hawk

The ‘Fro Hawk hair for african american women

The ‘Fro Hawk hair

This typically male haircut isn’t just for the guys, women can rock it, too! You’ll need to use clippers and specialized teeth to fade the sides of your hair. Run sheen through your hair then, using a brush, gather your hair into a blade shape on top of your head.


16. Classic Cornrows

Classic Cornrows - short hair for afrina-american women

Classic Cornrows

A great classic which still looks superb. Cornrow your hair consistently across your scalp from front to back. You may want to add beads to the ends so they don’t come undo prematurely.


17. The Cornhawk

The Cornhawk

The Cornhawk

Like the ‘Fro Hawk, fade the sides of your head, or alternatively buzz the sides altogether. Then cornrow your hair from front to back until the rows terminate at the back of your head.


18. Cornrows and Stalks

Cornrows and stalks hair

Cornrows and stalks

Cornrow your hair from front to back, but stop halfway down your vertex. Leave the rest of your hair free and open. It’s recommended that you apply product and comb up your hair so that the curls fall in a loos loop.


19. Simple Braids

Simple Braids short african american hairstyle

Simple Braids – a popular african american hairstyle

A classic hairstyle which still looks good. Braid your hair consistently all the way around and let it fall. This look won’t require much maintenance and will last for weeks without having to be touched up.


20. Mini ‘Fro

Mini ‘Fro hairs

Mini ‘Fro hairstyle

This is another low maintenance african american natural short hairstyle. Cut down and round out your hair until it is all roughly even. Gently pick through it, but not “out” so that your curls remain loose like a spring, but not stretched out entirely. Hope you have liked our list of 20 african american trending short hairstyles for women 2015 and let us know about your own thoughts in the comment section.

Bonus – Add some color to it! All of these hairstyles can be spiced up with a little bit of color dyes. Dyeing or streaking your hair will really make your new ‘do standout, makes for a great way to express yourself and it’s completely reversible. A word of advice: be careful how often you dye your hair. Dyeing more often than about 4 weeks may damage your hair and scalp, so plan ahead for what color and when you want to dye your hair or get it touched up.

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