15 Black Spiral Curl Ideas To Amplify Your Look

spiral hairstyle for black

Try something new in hairstyle fashion. Spiral curl hairstyles for black are an attractive option. Amplify your look with layered twirls for an appealing, bouncy appearance. Spiral hair formations are cultivated corkscrew curls or ringlets, on African hair shaped with curling irons. Naturally textured waves in African hair, even when straightened, are more easily formed into curls. Loose or tight, long or short, tinted or not, spirals form interest, texture, and glamour, declaring plush beauty. A short bob filled with delicately tiered spirals captivates glances. Long luscious spirals bring ample dimension into style. Add spiral bangs, or even draw spirals down as partial bangs. Form your natural hair into textured spirals, choose short spirals for straightened strands, or opt for texturized hair in ringlets. Whichever style your choose encourages enhanced appeal and interest.

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To form traditional spirals, first clean and deeply condition hair. Use a hand held hair dryer to straighten. Further straighten strands with a flatiron. Depending on hair volume and the spiral width desired, curl tightly with a small, medium, or large curling iron. Hold the iron in place long enough for the curl to take. You can also start this look with dry heated curlers. Or wrap hair around regular curlers with non water-based curling lotions, using a hairdryer to set. After curling, pull each individual curl into an elongated shape, or brush fingers through hair to create loose spirals. Liberally spray from root to tip with a spritz holding spray. For firm spiral ringlets wrap strands in a corkscrew manner around the curling iron rod. Set in place and again use a spritz holding spray. For spiral looks with natural hair, apply styling lotion to wet hair. Wrap strands around small to medium hair rollers. Dry with a hand held dryer. Pull the resulting curls into elongated shapes and spritz with a holding hair spray. Having acquired some understanding of spirals, let’s now gain some awareness. Focus your view on these 15 Spiral Curl Ideas for Black Hair.

15. Spacious Spirals

15 Lush and Thick with Color1

Broad cylinder lengths envelope the facade with shiny volume. The full amplitude of these spirals display lavish expanse. An oval face shows love for this formation. Flourish in this look at fashion and entertainment functions.

14. Tight and Twisted

14 Short To Scalp Spirals

Tiny spirals dot this approving crown with glossy splendor. With brief presence that exhibits facial beauty, glistening texture stands upon a perfectly shaped summit. Oval and square shaped faces proudly set off this style. Ideal for daily wear and casual events.

13. Crimped Corkscrews

13 Crimped Spirals

Twice spiraled, textured cylinders both quietly and lavishly frame a demure countenance. Beautifully clothed in black and gold texture, finely twirled locks gently stroke awaiting shoulders. Round and oval faces adore this look. Dress up or down for daily wear to chic occasions.

12. Voluptuous Volume

12 Thick Set Spirals

Beauteous length and breadth describe this powerfully expressive image. Full and firm spiral cylinders combine with loosely spiraled swirls in an ample display of glistening glamour. Triangle, round and heart shaped faces appreciate this style. Debut this look at chic parties and semi formal occasions.

11. Spiraled Essence

11 Wild and Free

Windblown finery exquisitely skirts the face with freely tendrilled spirals. The collar length formation combines tiny ringlets with fluffy fleece for an unrestricted look of release. Square, round and oval faces cherish the hug of hair. Daily, work and casual wear invite this hairstyle.

10. Loosely Natural

10 Tiny Loose Spirals

A popular and gorgeous spiral curl hairstyle for black. Possibly texturized and trained into micro coils, fine strands spiral just short of the collar. Round and oval faces may enjoy this impression. With loose spirals trimmed and hung as bangs, heart shaped and triangular faces might also value this look. As a style that goes anywhere, dress up or down for a number of occasions.

9. Spiraling Ascent

9 Up in Spirals

Drawn acutely up from the forehead, loose spirals tumble to neck nape. Gathered strands train towards the back, while loose filaments brush the profile. Square and oval facial shapes applaud this twirled formation. Wear to luncheons, ceremonies and semi formal events.

8. Circular Climb

8 Loose Short Spirals

Spiraling waves both ascend in swirling height and tumble in effortless poise. A slight asymmetry of tendrils spill along the profile, marginally concealing an otherwise enhanced facade. Heart shaped and oval faces relish this effect. Semi formal and formal events welcome such adornment.

7. Spiraled Sparkle

7 Freely Spiraled

Firmly twisting waves create a voluminous lustre in this spiraled creation. Lightly parted upon the crown, undulating swirls wave into breadth and dimension. This oval face luxuriates within such ample gleam. A beguiling look that suits a chic occasion.

6. Short and Free

6 Natural Spirals

Simple but elegant spiral curl hairstyle. Solidly trained away from the face, spiraled clusters dance in thick array. Fluffy as well as formed, this swirled grouping softly poses to augment facial features. In a stranded cover under which triangular faces shine, travel daily with effortless appeal.

5. Swirled In Color

5 Put Red In It

The texture of spiraled swirls electrifies this magenta auburn iridescence, while caressing twirls soften a square facial shape. Hazel eyes pop before a waving backdrop. Grace occasions from casual to formal with this eye-catching look.

4. Frizzy Beauty

4 Naturally Spiraled

Upon fashioned fuzzy thrill, brief twirls fascinatingly tip follicle ends. Spiral the ends of a natural curl pattern, and you’ve got a stunning expression. Appear in style as casual or distinctively dressy. Oval faces flourish in this radiance.

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3. Lush and Luscious

3 Spiral Tubes

Pipe spirals solidly grace this facade with gentle allure. Magnificently cylindrical, sturdy curlicues abound, encircling an contently attractive facade. In this allure make a sincerely intense statement at any occasion. This style claims a rounded facial form.

2. Trills and Thrills

2 Spiral Bangs

Descend lovely spirals as bangs upon your forehead. Match these downward twirls with softly twisting layers that create a prim magnitude. Heart shaped, oval and triangular faces embrace this buoyant look. Beach, park, parties, luncheons and the workplace woo your presence under these tresses.

1. Spiraled Elegance

spiral hairstyle for black

The opera is calling supremely fashioned spirals that precisely tumble in collective magnificence. Volume and depth expand the style scene into a spectacular view. The front of this look can be modified for most facial shapes. Wear with confidence and perfect flair.

These trending african american spiral curl hairstyles 2015 will help you presenting you more gorgeous and beautiful for sure. Hope you have enjoyed the list!