15 Best African American Curly Hairstyles to Try Atleast Once!

curly hair

6. Take a Tumble

6 Thick and Curly

An eye opening impression of glossy, black, lustrous swirls naturally tumbles upon shoulders and frame in a cascade of amassed beauty. This bounteous mane brings the extraordinary beauty of closely waved lengths into focus. Maintain the natural curl pattern with moisturizing products that prevent frizz.


5. Sweet Encounter

5 Ringlets

Lovely twists take a natural turn with swiveled corkscrew coils that both hang and flock to gently surround graceful features. Styling conveys freedom as well as form in a softly elastic structure of ringlets and twirls. Moisturize daily with a non-water based product and twist daily into style.

4. Sleekly Curly

4 Long and Lucious

Channel your glamorous side in a vision of frizz-free refinement with this shining mane of sleek curls. Long, wavy, distinctly twirled locks add sophistication while they soften facial ambiance. Features are framed in the visual fragrance of ornate tresses that gently fall upon a welcoming torso. Those without this curl pattern can create the look with added hair extensions. To maintain the health of your hair, wear extensions infrequently.

3. Catch the Fire

3  Twist a Curl

Tiny twists compliment facial beauty with texture, hue and highlights. This style denotes independent free play in both style and perspective. The fabric of slim twists and ringlets angles into dimension to which heights of hue contribute. The style headlines, rather than conceals, facial features for a blazingly individual appeal.

2. Freshly Liberated

2 Long and Frizzy

Frizz can be beautiful, as represented in this collar-length expanse of corkscrew swirls that culminate in crisply free abandon. From spring to crinkle tresses form a sunlit array that is further brightened by illuminating hues and highlights. Varied textures strike the vision in fluctuating facets of layered depth. Daily form your natural curls into these spirals. Or create them with a slim styling wand.

1. Serenity

1 Freeflow Turns

Serene poise comes alive in the glowing composure of slightly formed curls. A delicate fill of auburn-hued tresses furthers quiet finesse as it frames featured beauty into softened, misty charm. Feathery follicles gently stroke the neck’s nape in a mellow embrace of adorned affinity. Relax hair and slightly curl with a styling wand. Then brush fingers through moussed curls to loosen them into balance.